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 Spares & Special parts By Gini 


Heads exhaust threads repair 

I can repair heads threads for exhaustrings, by reaming and increased threading, and insertion of bronze bushes threaded internally and externally, blocked by the insertion of two grains.



Pair of Morini levers for various models from '78 / '79

(similar to the original)


€ 30,00 for pair + Shipping costs

Valveguides for Morini 350/500

realized in carobronze with 0,2 mm increased external diameter


€ 20,00 esch + Shipping costs

Exhaust ferrules for 350 and 500


€ 58.00 for pair + Shipping costs

Special key for exhaust ferrules

This well-made key allows the perfect closure of exhaust

pipes rings on 350 and 500 cc.models

DSCN4657Chiave-Ghiera 1

€ 32.00 + Shipping costs

Chain tensioner roller  for Kanguro and Camel

Here's another useful parts for all Camel and Kanguro owners , this nylon tensioner roller solves the difficulty to findthe original roller.

The tensioner roller complete with ball bearing is on sale for


 € 26,00 + shipping costs

Rearset kit for Morini 3 1/2

 (completely derived from alloy solid)

The kit is available for both models, with rear drum brake or disc brake, and includes the extension for the crank starter, the stop switch and all needed for the assembly.



Rearset 3Rearset 1Rearset 2


* On the order specify if your bike is equipped with electric starter motor and the rear brake type (drum or disk)

** The footpegs have been designed for motorcycles in original condition, in case modifications have been made to the motorbike, particulary to the path of the rear exhaust manifold, given the limited space available assembly problems could be encountered.

Instruments plate and rings kit

The kit is composed of steel plate and two rings turned from aluminum solid and mirror polished.

ghiere strumenti

€ 67,00 + shipping costs

(instruments are visible in the picture only as an example, are not for sale!)

Kit 5 special bolts for Morini clutch 

kit 5 special bolts with hexagonal head, replace the originals bolts that need special screwdriver with a hollow center.

dadi frizione

€ 18,00+ shipping costs

 Moto Morini pin


€ 8,00+ shipping costs 


For orders and informations: 

Gini Mauro

+39 339 8072389    -    +39 031 977061

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